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Rocka Rolla Web Zine - Actualizaciones

Ultimas reseñas y entrevistas / Latest reviews & interviews:

AXEL BOMAN: “Wake up” (2012) (Backup Records)
INTRACTABLE: "Inner decay" (2012) (Independiente)
HULDRE: "Intet menneskebarn" (2012) (Independiente)
TOTENGEFLÜSTER: "Vom Seelensterben" (2012) (Independiente)
DYONISIS: "Intoxicated" (2010) (Singed Records)
DIMENSSION: "Mundo diablo" (2010) (Independiente)
INFINITE TRANSLATION: "Masked reality" (2012) (Emanes Metal Records)
MANDRAGORA NEGRA: "Sueños de realidad" (2012) (Heaven Musik)
SILENCER: "The great bear" (2012) (Vanity Music Group)
BY THE PATIENT: “Premonitions” (2012) (Deathbound Records)
KERION: "CloudRiders Part 1: Road to Skycity" (2012) (Metalodic Records)
CRYPTOPSY: "Cryptopsy" (2012) (Galy Records)
INCURSED: "Fimbulwinter" (2012) (Independiente)
OTEP: "Sounds like Armageddon" (2012) (Victory Records)
SISTER SIN: "Now and forever" (2012) (Victory Records)
MIGUEL ANGEL LEAL: "Itaca" (2011)
KOTIPELTO & LIIMATAINEN: "Blackoustic" (2012) (Ear Music)
Editorial # 11: Dèja vu...
ILL NIÑO: "Epidemia" (2012) (Victory Records)
Felicidades, lectores!!!!
REVOLTING: "Hymns of ghastly horror" (2012) (F.D.A. Rekotz)
OBSCENITY: "Atrophied in anguish" (2012) (Apostasy Records)
DESERTED FEAR: "My empire" (2012) (F.D.A. Rekotz)
ARTOS TOS: "Artos Tos" (2010) (Independiente)
DOCTOR BURRUS: "El hada helada" (2012) (Independiente)
DIMENSSION: "Dèja vu" (2012) (Independiente)
ANDRÉ MATOS: "The turn of the lights" (2012) (Ear Music)
YELLOWTOOTH: “Disgust” (2012) (Orchestrated Misery Recordings)
PON UN KACHI: "17 años de rock & roll" (2009) (Independiente)
THE FAT DUKES OF FUCK: "Honey from the lips of an angel" (2012) (Independiente)
IN’XIGHT: "The lovely (T)reason" (2011) (Independiente)
YOUNGBLOOD: "No retreat" (2012) (Eonian Records)
ZONARIA: "Arrival of the red sun" (2012) (Listenable Records)
BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA: "Poinium cherem" (2012) (Independiente)



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