jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011

extreminal compilation ( omission )

Here is the track list and cover artwork!!!

Antipope(Finland) - The Carnal Ritual of Self-Asphyxiation  (House o Harlot Album)
Baht(Turkey) The Trauma (Promo 2011)
Beheading Machine(Poland) -The Psalm of Tripping God(The Psalm Of Tripping God)
Bengis(Indonesia) - Diktatorisasi (Promo 2011)
Bestia(Estonia) - Ronkade Parved (Ronkade Parved)
Blasphemy (Venezuella)- Fuera de mi territorio (Promo 2011)
Bloody Symphony (Indonesia)- Intro + Underworld (Promo 2011)
Crucifixion (BRazil) - Destroying The Fucking Disciples Of Christ (Destroying The Fucking Disciples Of Christ)
Dethrone(Sweden) - When i Decide  (Dethrone Demo 2011)
Dormant Inferno(India)- Failed Experiments (In Sanity)
ENVENOMED(Mexico) -Sadistic Lepper  (Temple Of The Morbid Innards)
Fleshred (Finland)- God Killer (Bloodtorn)
Legacy Of Suffering(Argentina) -Burn Bitch, Burn! (Myself War)
Legions Of Hoar Frost(USA) - Bringers of the Black Flame (Bringers of the Black Flame)
Master(Czech Rep) - Smile as you 're told (The New Elite)
More Than Human(Turkey)-Wake Up (promo 2011)
Nadimac(Serbia) - Samo Kec ( Po kratkom postupku )
No Remorse for The Fallen (USA) -  Swiftly Kanye'd - Promo 2011
Numenor(Serbia) - Monarchy Divine (promo )
Odd Heathenish (Spain)  -Esan Eta Egin (promo 2011)
Omission (Spain)We Are The Dead (Merciless Jaws from Hell )
Plaag- (Belgium)Up And Down (and once around)   - Promo 2011
Rose of Sharyn (Indonesia) fakta kuasa regresif  - (agresi karma)
Skirmish (Finland) Conquest - (Through The Abacinated Eyes)
The Obscene(England) - Embrace Oblivion (The Torment Of Sinners)
The Way Of Purity(Sweden)Artwork Of Nature (Equate)
Unknown Ambulance Origin(Turkey) - Comma (Promo 2011)
Urt (Estonia)- Me Ãœrgsed Juured  (Saatanhark II - Ussikuningas)
Urgsiug(Estonia)-For My Demonflys Incarnation (Orb)
Woslom(Brazil) - Time To Rise  (Time To Rise)
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